High School Craig's Cruisers All Nighter

Our high school all night event at Craig's Cruisers is being moved to a later date. All info below is for past events.

*You must register by March 12th or it is too late to attend.

This all-inclusive event is for anyone 9-12 grade to join us and stay up ALL NIGHT! The cost is only $40, and if you'd like to jump on their trampolines you'll need $3 jump socks. The event includes a trampoline park, go karts, bumper cars, arcade games, ninja course, lazer tag, all-you-can-eat pizza & pop buffet, mini roller coaster, and more! Students must arrive at the Campus Life Youth Center by 7:45 PM and we will return back at 5:30 AM.

We desire to provide the best possible atmosphere throughout the trip. Students are expected to cooperate with staff at all times and to participate in all scheduled activities. Possession and/or use of alcoholic beverages and/or any type of drugs is strictly prohibited. Failure to remain within these guidelines is cause for students immediate return home at the parent/guardian's expense. Check this box if you agree and will abide by it.
I agree not to hold Campus Life responsible for any injury that may result from my son's/daughters participation in CRAIG'S CRUISERS ALL NIGHTER. I also authorize the Campus Life staff to secure any emergency medical treatment necessary during during the trip, and I further assume all responsibility for the decisions so made. I grant permission to Youth For Christ to use or distribute photos or clips that may include, without compensation, for materials created for promoting Campus Life activities.